Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor

Lead Pastor

How Long at Community of Hope?

Became lead pastor in September of 2007.


Larry is married to Julie and they have three children; Stephen, David (married Mira in Jan. 2012), and Jonathan.  

Past Employment

2006-2007 Worship Pastor: Faith Journey COTN

1990-2006 Pepco; Customer Operations


Past Activities

Worship Leader for New Life Weslyan

Youth Pastor for New Birth Baptist

Present Activities

Outreach Community Coordinator for Congress Heights/Ward 8, Washington, DC


Why Community of Hope

Community of Hope is a church focused on sharing Christ by building authentic relationships with people outside the walls of our building.  The mission of the church to Worship God, Love One Another, and Reach the Lost captures the very esscence as to why the Universal Church exists to fulfill the purpose & plan God has for the Church worldwide. The church is strategically located to reach people from all walks of life &  provides an atmosphere of freedom and challenge for an ever-changing culture.

Music and Books 

Larry appreciates most all styles of music.  His favorite is Christian Rhythm & Praise and enjoys relaxing to easy-listening music that has a real message.  The Bible is the book that has most impacted his life.

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"Life can be real tough ... you can either learn from your problems, or keep repeating them over and over."  Marie Osmond

 "The church exists for the sake of those outside it."  William Temple